Sick of renting? Need more room? Won the lottery? Job relocation? Just ready for a change? Whether purchasing your first home or your tenth, it is an all-consuming task, not to mention a HUGE investment! Before jumping in to your home search, read these essential tips that EVERY home buyer should know!


Credit score, employment, and money are the top three players in the home buying preparation game! When seriously considering purchasing a home, try to limit credit card use and do not open new lines of credit. You want your credit to stay the same or improve, not drop. If you are considering a new career path, please speak with a lender before changing employers. And last, save as much money as possible. Though USDA loans are 100% financing, there are moving and purchasing expenses.READ MORE


Financing is many times perceived as the most challenging part of the home buying process. You are on pins and needles waiting for the precious words, “clear to close.” There are several types of loan programs. After thorough research of lenders (always discuss with more than one so you have a comparison), they will help determine which program is best for you. Determining how much you are comfortable spending vs how much you want to spend, and having your documents in order ahead of time could eliminate much of the unwanted stress!READ MORE


We’ve found the home so let’s move toward making it yours! Though pretty much everything in the offer to purchase contract is negotiable (purchase price, earnest money, diligence fee, furniture, closing costs, etc), it is not always best practice to start with a lowball offer. I will always help buyers to get the best deal possible however, if there are multiple offers, going in strong would be in your best interest. I will help you make the best decision based on comparable sold properties in the area. Once under contract, the home inspection will help determine if this is the home for you!READ MORE


Purchasing a home is not for everyone! If you have recently transferred to the area and undecided what community will be best for you, renting could be a great option for you. Taxes, insurance, and Homeowners Association dues are a huge factor in determining location and types of homes we will be searching. Wind and Hail Insurance is mandatory for all homes financed in Coastal North Carolina. Flood insurance is required on many properties, but recommended for all. Similar to medical and car insurance, it is best to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!READ MORE

What My Clients Have To Say:

Kevin & Barbara: Ocean Isle Beach,, NC
Lori helped us find the right lot and the right builder. Without Lori being our eyes and ears in Brunswick County we would not have had the courage to build our new home while we were still living in New England. Thank you Lori for everything!

Nick & Chelsea: Leland, NC
Lori, went above and beyond for us, we both have busy schedules and were tired of APT living. Reached out via mutual friends and began the home search process. She managed to guide us directly to the house “of our dreams” with a few less unmentionables “bugger house” being one. We now are moved in  and loving every minute of our new beautiful home and neighborhood.

Bryan: Carolina Beach, NC
Lori M. Smith is a strong buyer advocate that helped me get a great deal on the perfect home in a challenging market. Very savvy, yet relentlessly positive and fun! She is right there with you for every step as if you were her only client. Look no further.

Thomas: Wilmington, NC
Lori Smith is a dedicated, professional Real Estate agent. She worked for over a year to find a home that fit my needs and budget. Lori is a pleasure to work with, she has a positive attitude, with excellent negotiating skills. As a buyers agent Lori always had my best interests as her goal. Lori  is the most qualified Real Estate agent that I can recommend.